Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nana and Bumpa

After Drew was born, we had a rough few days...
Damon was an emotional wreck, Dominic was seriously defiant. And while they absolutely adored their baby brother, they weren't coping well with... life in general.
I remembered being panicked. I had 3 extra adults helping me. Rich, and his sweet mom and dad, Jim and JoAnn. And it took ALL of us to tame those two. It wasn't pretty. I was dreading the quickly upcoming day when I would be left to my own devices and my patience (not so much) would be put to the ultimate test.
Thankfully, the emotional storm passed. And while Dame and Dom are still a little more clingy/emotional than usual, they are a far cry from how they were acting the days after I brought Drew home. We are functioning!!! (Even if it's just barely.) But oh, how grateful I am to Nana and Bumpa for their tireless service. :) They are simply the best!
Homemade cookies with Nana. Mmmmmm...

We love you guys!
And we're so sorry that you had to spend your birthday/Mother's Day driving home from Arizona, pssshhht! (And sorry that I only gave you lame store-bought-carrot cake cupcakes for your birthday "cake".)
Thank you for everything! Especially the fun double-date! :)

Bicycles built for... 3

One thing that is lots of fun for our out of town guests has been to go on a little bike ride through our neighborhood. My friend, Deborah let us use their bikes so we would have enough seats for all the kiddies... and my friend Rachel joined in on the fun too. :)
We ended our hot bike rides with dips in the pool! The kids had so much fun.
Whoa belly!
Mamie spoiled the kiddies, playing motorboat with them and letting Damon jump to her a gillion times.
William loved the water!