Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's a.... BABY!

No, I'm not pregnant. Tee, hee, hee... fooled ya. But my sister is... was. Last night I talked to my sis, Robyn, the one just a couple of years older than me... as she was preparing and anticipating her induction this morning at... wait for it... 2a.m.!? (Seriously, why on Earth!?) Anyway, we were talking about baby names... William for a boy... Lucy or Mayra for a girl... bubbling over with excitement. Robyn and Cori (her hubby) are one of the few who opted for a surprise on the delivery room table. They have two beautiful little girls, Ella and Alice. And the thought of another little beauty was on all of our minds. Don't you think "Ella, Alice, and Lucy" sound perfect together? And if it's a boy? William is such a classic name. I love that name. Anyway... I had her text me when she got to the point that she needed her epidural at the hospital (4-something a.m. here in Arizona... 6-something a.m. in Lousisiana, where she lives)... and after I got that text there was NO WAY I was able to get any more sleep.

Here is my sis, getting checked in at 2ish this morning... with her big belly and tiny little body. Pregnant women don't get much cuter than that, right?

She promised to have her hubby put the phone on speaker when the pushing began (we are fast pushers in my family... I knew it would be short) so that I could hear my sweet little niece/nephew come into this world. I was in the room when Ella was born and that is an amazing story for another day. I was unfortunately getting a root canal when Alice was born and I knew the whole time I heard my phone ringing beside the dentist chair that it was her and that I was missing the birth... that was a long root canal (when is it ever not a long root canal, let's be honest). And, Robyn was able to be on speaker phone with me when both Dominic and Damon were born. Maybe a little bit over-the-top... but we're sentimental saps like that. It's really unfair that we live so far away from each other.

I actually called her at about 6:10a.m. (8:10 her time) and talked with her for a second before her in-laws arrived. She was feeling no pain and had already dilated from a 2 1/2 to a 4 in an hour. And that was an hour ago... then she told me her contractions looked like they were about a minute apart on the monitor.

"Um... you might be complete if they're coming that fast." says me.

"Yeah... I'll have them check me when they come back." says she.

And then she had to go so she could say hello to Cori's parents who had just come into the room. I only made it out of bed, to the potty, and downstairs before my phone rang again. It was Cori.

"She's complete and starting to push!" says he.

I ran back upstairs as fast as my little legs would carry me so I could enjoy this moment from my comfy bed (and so I wouldn't wake Dominic with the whooping and hollering that was sure to follow) and put my phone on speaker... just giddy with anticipation.

Birth is amazing to me. I don't think I can ever get used to it. The miracle of it all. One moment, they're inside you and the next... they're a human being. Living. By themselves. You made them. (with a little help, of course.) Wow. Still hard to wrap my brain around that if I really think about it.

So there I sat. Grinning from ear to ear. Listening. I felt like I should have some popcorn and a soda or something. I heard the nurse counting...

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...."

I heard muffled voices. I heard them ask her if she wanted a mirror. Then I was startled to hear Rich's phone beside me ring. I answered it. Now I had a phone on both sides of my head.

It was my mom.

She had flown out to Louisiana from Idaho for the birth. The problem??? This hospital only allowed 2 people in the room and Robyn had been promising Cori's sister that she could stay for months now because she'd never seen a birth before and was really excited to witness this little miracle. So my mom bowed out and waited anxiously in the hall with Cori's parents, while Cori and Carrie stayed in to man the camera and camcorder.

And to witness the birth of ???? Dum, dum, dum.......the surprise baby.

I had a brilliant idea just as Robyn was pushing through her 3rd contraction. I put Rich's phone up to my phone as my mom was trying to explain to me why she wasn't in the room. And just then I heard Cori's sister (I think) excitedly yell...

"Oh my gosh! I've never seen this before!!!!" says she.

"Oooohhhhh!" says Robyn.

(Actually it was a little more like, "Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!")

And then? While I, my mama, and Cori's parents eagerly awaited those scratchy, squeaky little baby cries... (I can just see them all huddled around the cell-phone via cell-phone birth broadcast from the hall in the hospital) ...I thought I heard a muffled "...little boy" from the doctor.

"Mom! Did you hear that!? Did he say boy!? I think it's a boy!" says me.

"Do you have a name?" says Doctor.

"William!" says a crying, proud Mama. (Followed by that squeaky, scratchy little cry I had been waiting for.)

"Oh my gosh, he DID say boy!!!! Whooooooo-hooooooo!" says I.

(Followed by a good cry.)

You see, we were ALL, every one of us, secretly (or not so secretly) hoping, that, well.... it would be a boy. And here he is...

Little William James Card Powell

8:17 a.m. 7 lbs 8 ounces 19 inches long... and dark curly hair!

The "Card" part is my Dad's mother's maiden name. He would've liked that. And the best part is that my sweet Dad was probably just with him moments before... sending him off on his life-long journey. That's awesome. :) And awesome is what my day is today. I have an adorable new little nephew to love! I'm so thankful I was able to hear his first little cries. What a blessing he is.

Here's the girls with their new baby brother. Do you think they're happy? I think maybe.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Like... the Best Day, Ever.

Dominic has many loves in life... garage doors, manhole covers, vents. holes, and rectangles (see below)... the list could go on and on. But ever since he started preschool, one love has trumped the others... (except for the garage doors... but a post on garage doors isn't nearly as cute as this one)... his current object of obsession, er... affection?

The Schoolbus. (angelic choir)

Every day after preschool, we have this ritual... goes a little something like this:

1. Say "Bye" to Miss Julie.

2. Stomp on the "holes" in the sidewalk (don't ask) and determine whether they are open or closed... broken or not broken.

3. Walk on the rectangles (the green plastic covers for the sprinkler system that are imbedded into the grass on the school lawn).

4. And then... we make a dash for the schoolbus, ahem... "Sthoow-buth".

Mr. David (or as Dom says, "Mr. Dayffffffff-id") is the bus driver. This guy is great.

He loves my little, quirky man-child. After seeing my little guy salivating and spazzing over the school bus during the first 3 days of school, Mr. David suggested Dominic climb aboard and explore... and THAT my friends, is history. Now every stinkin' day, Dom gets on that bus, gives Mr. David a high-five... and then says "Hi" to all his little friends while they get buckled in. Then we get off the bus and Dominic "spazzes" out while Mr. David opens and shuts the bus doors about 7 or 8 times, honks the horn once or twice, and slowly drives out of site. Literally... we MUST stand there until we cannot see the bus anymore, because if we don't???... well, life may end. So this takes a while... and a lot of paitence on my part, but I try to remember... this IS the highlight of his day. After the bus finally disappears behind the trees, the ritual continues...

5. Re-walk on the rectangles.

6. Do the "holes" thing again.

7. Go in the "tunnel" (the roof that extends over the school's... patio?).

8. Do the "holes" thing at the other door of the school.

9. Walk on the other rectangles.

10. And then finally, finally... we slllllooooowwwlly get into the car after much coaxing and sometimes...more often than not... a threat.

Anyway... I digress...

Mr. Dayfffffff-id decided that he wanted to let Eager-Beaver ride the bus home. So last Thursday, I brought our address and a little map on a piece of paper, and my camera... and Dominic got to RIDE THE BUS! I thought his little heart would burst with excitement. He talked about it the night before with anticipation... and all.the.way. to school that morning... and apparently all throughout his school day because Miss Julie was already very aware that he was going to be riding the bus after school and even asked if she could tag along to see him in all his glory.

So here... after that incredibly long explanation and a lot of suspense (but hey, I want to remember all of those little details because someday when I'm not feeling impatient, sleep deprived and a little bit crazy... someday, I'm going to want to remember those kinds of things)... here is the documentation of Dominic's FIRST EVER STHOOW-BUTH RIDE.......

Look at his face... he is so excited. Mr. David is leaning over the driver seat, explaining to him what will happen on the bus.

The smile never left his face... perma-grin.

I love the 2nd picture here. Makes me laugh every time I see it. He's so pumped. Sitting next to him is his little bus-friend, Silas.

I followed the bus all the way home, just in case Dom freaked out. Psshhht! I don't know what I was worried about... he was in la-la-loooove!

...still following...and taking weird, stalker-ish pictures of the bus...

When we got to the last light before our house, I cruised in front of the bus so I could hop out of the car at home... just in time to capture this:

What a dream come true! He won't always be this easy to please, I'm sure. But let me just say, today made my DAY. It's the little things in life that matter most. And seeing his whole face light up today as one of his biggest wishes came true? Priceless.

Here's to all awesome school employees, like Mr. Day-ffffffid, who go the extra mile to make a kid smile. What a kind-hearted man. :)