Saturday, September 29, 2012

Smothered in Love

These boys love their baby brother...

Dominic is especially fond.
If I lay Drew down... is almost guaranteed that Dominic will come keep him company.

...saying things like, "Baby  Dreeeew!"  And, "Dominic's here.  It's okay."

Damon likes him too.  I have to keep my eyes on him though.  He's a tricky one.

These pictures were taken when Drew was 2 1/2 months old.  (7-22-12)
He sure is a sweet little guy. 

We love, love, love him.
Sometimes a little too much. ;)

Bowling Buddies

I took the boys bowling.

So funny to watch them try and heft a ball that is 1/4 as heavy as they are down the lane...



They loved it.  A lot.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holy Post!

 Ok... so all things Utah (and pshhh... JULY for that matter) are all wrapped up in this post!  Because I have sooo much to post about that has happened since then!
Nana and Aunt Mimi took me and the 3 boys on a walk to see all the animals.  We saw goats, bunnies, and horses.
Here are the horses...

Aunt Mimi and Dominic made delicious no-bakes!

We went swimming at the super-fun Legacy Center...

Usually, there is some point, when I get together with Rich's sisters... that we reach the stage of delerium.  You know, when stupid-funny is  We laughed so hard we cried!  Love these girls!


We met my sweet sister-in-law, Jen, and my niece and nephew, Zoe and Trevor, at the Layton Hills mall... where we discovered these awesomely weird furry little motorized ride-on animals.  The boys loved them.  Pretty funny.

Zoe's first introduction to Baby Drew.  :)
(Me and Jen)
I conned Trevor into the arduous task of taking these two little schmoe's up and down the elevator...

...and up and down the escalator.  Countless times.  Can you see Trev's amusement?  You can't?
Then we all headed over to Mickey D's for some good 'ol fast food.  Unfortunately there wasn't a playplace in sight.  No worries... Trev and Zoe came through again (with a little help from the Ipad) and entertained the Littles while Jen and I visited.

We loved, and loved, and loved on family...
(Mimi and Damon)

(The tireless Uncle Jake)

(Rich and Nana and Drew)
And Jolene and Goran had us out to their house for a delicious dinner...
(Dom, showing Mateo his latest technology)

(Goran and Rich) 
My nephew adores me... can you tell?  He looks so happy.
We sure tuckered ourselves out!  We had such a fun time with all of our friends and family.  Until next time, Utah...