Monday, August 30, 2010

The Most Fun I've Had for a Long Time...

So, when we went to Utah we were able to see Rich's absolutely gorgeous sister, Jolene, get married.
See? Here she is... gorgeous.

And here are the cherubs... Rich's mom made them little bowties.

Oh my gosh.

Did your heart just skip a beat?
Because mine does every time I look at these.

So. stinking. cute.

Anyway, we had time time of our LIVES at the wedding.
Seriously, the most fun I've had in a long time.

First of all... I love it when there is dancing at a wedding. Not because I can dance. I cannot. Not for my life. I just love to have a good time. And this was far beyond that. Goran's family is from Croatia... they taught us some of their traditional dances. Well... they tried to teach us. Haha!

Here's a random YouTube video of one of the dances (I figured I'd spare you all the pain of watching me stumble over myself, instead you get to watch these delightful people)... just imagine 10 times more people who were singing so loud they were shouting, laughing, and sweating like Rich in the bishop's office, and you'll get the general idea. So much fun.

Thanks Jolene and Goran for such a wonderful night! And congratulations! We love you guys!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been MIA for a month! I was able to get the heck out of the HEAT for 3 whole weeks, while I went to Utah and Idaho to visit family. Pictures of that to come... but for now, I figured I'd better post these of Damon crawling... because it happened a month ago! I can't keep up, I can't keep up...

Here's my sweet little guy...

He's training for the Ironman right now. He can do 50 push-ups. I guess that's pretty much average.

And he crawls approximately 27 mph... making my life a whirlwind.
My days have been chock-full of saving this guy from death-by-stairs for the last 3 weeks. The first thing I did when I got home (and I mean the VERY next morning) was to buy a gate for the stairway. Geez this little boy keeps me busy...

... but I get even. I post incriminating pictures of him in his... nightgown.
So embarassing.

Sorry Dame, secret's out.

Here's a (month-old) video of him on the day he started crawling. Not his actual first time... but geez, I had to run and grab the camera...

He's never crawled on both knees... he uses one foot, one knee.

Rich's mom told me that Rich crawled exactly like that. Awww... wants to be just like his Daddy. I'd be ok with that, his Daddy's pretty great... most of the time.

Just kidding babe. ;)