Monday, November 30, 2009

Damon Arland Innes

8 pounds, 1 ounce, he's got Nana's nose...
and he's into our hearts just as deep as it goes.

Hey all! No time to really WRITE... but I thought I'd at least post some pictures of our new little guy. He's such a sweetie and we are loving him to pieces!

Life is good. We have been blessed beyond measure. Love you all!

And here he is...

The day he was born... November 19th.

His hair

He went home with the same outfit and blanket as Dominic.

Thanks Aunt Robyn and Kara! :)

My friend Mandi made the cute quilt...

Dominic plays with my toes every time I nurse Damon.

For once I am grateful for his weird foot fetish! Haha!


The Jolly Green Giant...err... elf.

First Bath... same towel Dom used for his first bath. ;)

I know, I'm silly.

Sleepy Daddy fell asleep on the hard floor. Why is he so tired?


He hates the baby. But he does refer to him by pointing and saying "baby".

And he has kissed him a couple of times.

But for the most part, he thinks we should sell Damon to a band of gypies.

I'm sure he'll adjust. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


A lot of our friends take their kids to the gym. Since I was a gymnast I was totally excited for Dominic's first time! He had so much fun and completely exhausted himself. What a great activity for my hyper little guy! Rich took him to a "Daddy and Me" class with his friend, Steve.
It was super-fun but Dominic has a hard time waiting in line. So, I try to take him to open-gym as often as I can. That way, if someone's on the trampoline, we just move on to the tumble track... and I'm spared the embarrassment of a tantrum. (Most of the time.)

Anyway, here's some pictures of Dominic tumblin' at USA Gymnastics.

The Double-Mini

Perfect Stick! I'd give that a 9.8!

The Trampoline

The (not-so) High Bar

The Tumble Track

Faster than a speeding bullet!

The Pit

At the end of the tumble track is the pit. Dominic has yet to work up the courage to run full-speed and jump on in. He's a little cautious. So, he does it like this. ;)

The Beam

Look at that balance!

The Foam Cubes

The End!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trasmundi Family Reunion!

Our Trasmundi Family Crest...

Our family reunion this year was sooooo much fun! The Trasmundi's are Rich's mom's family, and they are a super-fun, super-loud, super-awesome group of people. We stayed in beautiful Carlsbad, California... right across the street from the beach. Doesn't get much better than that. It was beautiful. Here's a bunch of pictures from the reunion, and most of Rich's family.
I am so sad that I didn't get pictures of everyone... I tried, but alas, I missed Jen and Thayne's kiddies, Leslie and Jim, and Holly and Jaren and their kiddies too. I got most everyone's pictures on a family day at the beach (I'm sure I was very annoying) but somehow missed them. The rest of the time, I was busy chasing Dominic around the hotel.
I don't take as many pictures as I used to... I wonder why. ;)
Anyway, on to the reunion! First stop... the BEACH.

The Beach... and Rich's Family

Dominic and Rich's cousin, JonPaul

Jonpaul's wife, Cortney and their little girl, Stella

Jonpaul and Cortney's other cutie, Skylar

Rich's cousins Gina and Nick (middle and right) and Gina's boyfriend (on the left)

Rich's cousin Kerrie and her little girl, Allie

Rich's sister, Angela and her little sweetie, Ali

Rich's cousin Jessica and her cute kiddos, Audriana and Lucas

Aunt Rene and Uncle Frank

Uncle Rick

Bathing Beauties: Rich's little sis, Amy... my cutie-pie niece,

Jo... my wonderful Mother-in-Law, JoAnn... and Rich's Aunt Peggy

Rich's cousin, David and his son, Dominic
(Cousins with the same name? Yes.
This little guy and my Dom were both named after their great-grandpa.)

David's wife, Jill and their daughter, Samantha

Rich's cousins, Meredith and Mary

Pool Fun at the Hotel

Rich, me, and "belly". Ugh.

Our Mom, JoAnn and Rich

Rich's sis, Angela

Rich's cousin, Jen

Rich's sis, Amy and Dom

Our Dad, Jim and Dom

Rich's Aunt Betty and Uncle Dave

Family Picnic at the Park

The guys all played volleyball

The kiddies had a pinata!

Mmmm... Nana helped Dominic eat pinata candy.

Trasmundi Idol

Alas, these pictures don't do it justice. My old camera was beginning to show it's age... and whenever I'm not the one taking the pictures (Rich took these for me while I video recorded "Idol") they blur because you have to hold it juuuust right. So... they are blurry, and I didn't get all the contestants because Rich was too busy chasing Dom to take pictures for me, but I still had to post them. :)
Here's our cousin, Jaron, being "Norman Gentle" from American Idol.
He was so good at it, it was scary!!!
My brother-in-law, Ross
Our dad, Jim (Randy) and mom, JoAnn (Kara)... exchanging notes
JonPaul (Ryan Seacrest) who was actually responsible for not only hosting Trasmundi Idol, but for throwing the entire reunion together himself! JP, you are AWESOME!!!
Our panel of judges...
Jim (Randy), JoAnn (Kara), Aunt Betty (Paula) and Uncle Dave (Simon)

Darts (To be taken very seriously... haha!)
Rich's family are serious when it comes to darts. There's not a Trasmundi gathering without a competetive dart game going on at some point. Here's what I could catch of the tournament between running after Dom with my big prego belly. ;)

Haha... told you they were "serious". Look at this dart case.

The "Dynamic Duo": Big Rich and Mean Thayne were a team

The Dart Trophy... pretty nifty, eh?

The kiddies all played games during the festivities.
During the tournament, we had a baby photo guessing game of everyone in the family.
Can you find me and Rich and Dom?
Click on the picture to enlarge...
then scroll down below and I wrote our numbers down. :)

Rich is #47
Dom is #25
I'm #11

Innes Family Dinner

Our little family. :)

Ross and Angela

Jim and JoAnn

Sisters... minus Amber and Leslie.
Amber was full-term and about to have her baby, so they didn't come to the reunion.

Jolene and her boyfriend, Goran...
...after dinner, they went for a walk together on the beach.
We got a knock on our hotel room door later that night and found out that Goran PROPOSED! Woohoo!!
So here's Jolene and her fiance, Goran, the next morning. Congratulations you guys! :)