Monday, February 20, 2012

Be Mine

My little heart throbs woke up on the 14th to strawberry milk, pink snowballs, and pink heart-shaped "panny-cakes". (As Dominic says.)
They approved.
Aww... look at their little combovers. (I promise they don't look so "slick-willy" once they dry... just trying to tame those darn cowlicks!)
Dominc could hardly contain himself once he got to preschool. Afterall, it was the much anticipated "Valentime's" Day Party! He kept asking me if it was his "birfday". And then if it was "Valentime's Birfday". What a cutie!
His adorable little class...
I really kind of want him to marry the little girl front and center in the pink with the glasses and pigtails.
Another display of pleasure... he was so excited for class to start that morning.
Miss Kim (his speech therapist) and DomMiss Julie (his teacher)My excited little man after his first Valentines Day Party at school... showing off his bag full of "Be Mines" and "XOXO's". He worked so meticulously to write (actually, trace, after I'd written them with a highlighter) each of his classmates names on their valentines cards, and then sign his own. And he was so excited to deliver them all. He even made one for his beloved bus drivers, Miss Maggie and Miss Mary. Holidays are starting to get so fun around this house!