Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Hi. I'm One.

On Thursday I had my first birthday! My Mommy and Daddy threw me a party. My friends and cousins drove aaallllll they way out to my house so they could be there for my special day. They like me. :) I like them too.

I got some great books, some farm animals that make sounds, a puzzle, a shape sorter, new shoes, lots of new clothes, balls, a swimming pool, and a new car. It's blue. I like it.

My friends made me a "Wish Book" . (Mom's idea... not mine. She's a little much, but she means well. She says I'll appreciate it when I'm older.)

Then we all played "Pin the Hat on Dominic". That was fun.

My mommy made me my very own birthday cake...

...but it's not something I want to talk about right now.

Let's not discuss party hats either.

Here's are some pictures of me cruisin' the neighborhood in my new car. The horn honks. I like it. Lots.

I guess it was worth having to eat birthday cake. :) Love, Dominic