Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fish Eyeballs and Other Grossness. (Is that a word?)

I have my hubby back, YAY!!! It was soooo cute, at the airport... Dominic and I actually decided to go inside this time and meet Rich when he came through the gate. When Dominic saw him coming, he started laughing and breathing hard and grinning so big! Then he actually BEAR-HUGGED Rich around his neck. It was so cute it made me cry.

So, last time Rich went to Malaysia, he took hardly ANY pictures. And so... I didn't post them. So now that he's back (and after I gave him explicit directions to take A LOT more pictures) I have enough to blog about. :) At the bottom of this post, are two different slideshows. One for each of his trips to Malaysia.

Now... for the fish eyeball part. On his first trip, his manager told him that if he plucked an eyeball out of a fish and ate it, that he could have Friday and 1/2 of Monday off when they came back to the states. Well, Rich wanted the days off... here he is eating a nasty fish eyeball.

Rich has a rough time when they go to Malaysia because it is predominantly seafood. Usually he just eats rice. Haha... he also has a very hard time getting up the courage to use the restrooms there. Apparently the Malays use a hose in lieu of toilet paper. And because of that, sometimes there is 1/4 an inch of water on the bathroom floor with "particles" floating around in it. Haha!!! Rich says you have to hike your pants up so they don't get nasties on them!

Anyway, despite the restrooms and seafood, Rich has really enjoyed his trips to Malaysia because they have opened up his eyes to how easy we have it here. The people there are so humble and good, and they work HARD and LONG and don't complain. Good people. Anyway... blah, blah, blah... hope you enjoy the slideshows! They're not too long. ;)

Malaysia September

Malaysia November

Sunday, November 9, 2008

When Fighting with Prunes...

So a well-expected side-effect of Dominic's prevacid I try to make sure he's eating enough fruit to battle this, but sometimes a mom has to bring in the prunes. Dominic is not particularly fond of prunes. Well... who is, really? But I still persevere. It's a messy job, but somebody's got to do it. Through all our early morning battles with prunes, hopefully I've instilled in Dominic a valuable life-lesson...

..."The prunes always win."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here's our little guy in his Halloween costume. He's a Harley Davidson Rider. Hee hee! When I was prego, we were in Utah for Christmas, and Rich's brother, Jim, and his wife, Leslie, gave us this little biker outfit. Doesn't he look great!? I dressed him up early on the 31st so Rich could see him in his Halloween costume when we picked him up from work to take him to the airport. Then I headed out to Avondale to spend Halloween (and a few days after) with our wonderful friends, the Betensons. We took the kids trick-or-treating... in the 90 degree weather. It really was fun though... I felt so bad for little Dom in his pleather pants though! Anyway... I hope everyone had a super Halloween!

27 Years... *Sigh*

So... this is the first year that I've not been psyched for my birthday. I knew it would start being like that soon. I just keep rounding myself up to thirty. Not that it's a bad thing to be thirty, I'm sure it's great... it just makes me feel in a hurry to get done all the things in life that I need to get done. Hmmm... what are those things??? I don't even know. This post doesn't make much sense... guess I'm getting old. Anyway, my birthday was great. Dominic gave me my birthday present by sleeping through the night for the first time EVER so I woke up on my birthday totally refreshed! Yay for Dom. Yay for me. Yay, yay, yay! Rich got off work a little early and we went to the Farm Grill for my FREE birthday dinner, and then we went over to our friends' Mandy and Seth's house for cake and ice cream. It was a yummy funfetti cake... mmmmmm, my favorite! Thanks guys!

Dominic and Me... 27 years.

Blowing out a lot of candles

Dominic, enjoying the frosting from the candles.

Sandwiched between the two best looking guys in the WORLD. Lucky me. :)