Friday, July 25, 2008

Dominic's Plethora of New Tricks

Hey everyone! I should just name this blog, "The Dominic Show." I know, I know. But he's just doing so many cute things lately and I can't help but share. So I've posted a bunch of his latest "FIRSTS" and things he is starting to do. But before all that... take a look at the immediate picture below. Yes... that sums up our life right now. Dominic thinks he's too tough for sleep. Well... I am not. And I am soooo tired! This is what we've tried so far...
1. Swaddling (ever since he's been born)
2. Laying him flat
3. Laying him on an incline (he has silent reflux)
4. Sleeping in the swing
5. Sleeping in his vibrating papasan
6. Music
7. White noise
8. Leaving my shirt in his crib after I've worn it all day (the smell is supposed to make him think I'm near???)
9. Rice cereal (the doc told me it wouldn't do anything as far as keeping him full at night, and I guess he was right... but I had to try.)
10. Motrin and Tylenol... not together. Haha! (He's teething)
11. Pampers "Baby Dry" diapers to soak up extra wetness at night
12. Two night of crying it out. Ooooh... can't hack it. Too sad. Dom will scream for a couple of hours!
13. We've also tried intervals of crying and then going in to rub his tummy/comfort him, but not picking him back up.
14. Prayer... still waitin' on that one.

So... any advice, good books (I'm trying to get my hands on "The No-Cry Sleep Solution") or old wives tales that you think just might work? I'm open. Please feel free. :) Thanks!
Dominic, being tough.

Dominic's FIRST time eating rice cereal!!! What a BIG boy!


Trying to feed himself

He's now learned how to bounce in his jumper and he'll sit in it while I take a shower! Woohoo!

7th percentile WHAT!? Look at those rolls! He's getting to be a little butterball!

Learning to hold his own bottle. This one actually makes me kind of sad... for some silly reason. Why is that?

Paying attention to the stories we read him. He watches when we point to things and follows the pages when we turn them. He LOVES reading books and that makes me happy!

Learning to sit up on his own.... well, almost. Look at his little face... he gets that look when he's proud of himself! Haha!


Hanging out with his friend, Ashton. They giggle and smile and interact with each other and it's so cute to watch! It's fun that he's old enough now to notice and appreciate other kiddies.

First time sleeping without being swaddled. I also am proud to add that this is the FIRST time since we went to Utah that Dominic hasn't woken up 6 times at night. No, not an exaggeration. He usually wakes up every stinkin' hour. He woke up only twice last night and I am trying not to get too excited!!! I'm crossing my fingers for tonight. Send a prayer or two our way. ;)

Mmmmmmm.... Yummy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where, oh where have we been???

So now we're home again, home again, jiggity jig. And what's new??? Well, we started Dominic on rice cereal for one. He's now five months old and he's just growing at mach speed it seems. He must have been ready for the cereal because he grabbed the spoon and tried to help me with the feeding business. He ate the whole bowl on his first try and I was very impressed. Here are some pictures of our trip and of our little guy!
Dominic in the car on the way to Utah.

Dominic, being patriotic.

Our little family on the 4th. :)

Dominic swimming at the Legacy Center's pool in Lehi, Utah. Dominic had so much fun!!! This pool was the most amazing kiddie pool we've ever seen.

Our group date with some of Rich's siblings and their spouses to Liberty Land in Utah. Rich's parents watched the little guy and Rich and I had our FIRST DATE in 5 months!! (Thanks a ton you guys!)

Dominic and his Poppie in Rupert, Idaho

Here we are overlooking the Snake River Canyon in Idaho

The park at Shoshone where we had a picnic

The Snake River after the Falls

My Mom, Me, Rich and Dom at the Falls

Dominic's view of Shoshone Falls, Idaho

Rich and I taking a break at Durkee's Lake.