Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Camping at Mormon Lake

After six years of marriage, Rich and I went on our first ever camping trip with our friends! We went to Mormon Lake and it was so much fun. We were supposed to leave on Saturday morning, but that night it was going to snow and rain and get down in the high 20's... so we waited until Sunday morning and we stayed until Monday afternoon. It was so good to be away from all the things we thought we needed (cell phones, internet, TV, etc), although I love those things... we needed the break. We sat around and ate, played cards, ate, took walks, ate, slept, ate, relaxed, ate, and ate. On Sunday night we had a devotional around the fire and sang and drank lots and lots hot chocolate (it was so cold!) and ate waaaaay to many chili dogs by anyone's standard. Then we bundled Dominic up and headed off to bed. He wore a onesie, his babylegs, socks, 4 pairs of zip-up sleepers, two hats, mittens, his fleece swaddler with two handwarmers shoved in the feet pouch, 3 blankets, and then he layed on two other handwarmers. I slept two hours that night. I was worried he was too cold, I was worried he was too hot, I had to keep checking the handwarmers because I was worried about them burning him (through, like, six layers of clothing... but whatever), I had to make sure he was still breathing underneath all those clothes. Dom couldn't have cared less. He slept beautifully... only woke up once to eat. We thought he'd be really hard to take camping but he was much better for us out there than he is at home! He must love being outside. He wasn't fussy at all! Maybe we should become bush people. ;)

Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow! I feel like Dom's little life is flashing before my eyes. He is growing up so fast! He's going to be 3 months on Tuesday... I can't believe it! He is now smiling, squealing, and sometimes we get a little giggle. He's just discovered that he can put his hands in his mouth and he's LOVING them! He loves to suck on his satin blanket and on our shoulders. He's also just started to bat at the toys hanging from his gym and yesterday, he discovered how to roll to his side from his back. He pulls his knees up to his chest and then rolls sideways. He did it over and over again. He loves music and his Baby Einstein video and his Fisher Price Rainforest toy that goes in his crib. He hates tummy time and he detests getting dressed!

We are hopefully moving on the 16th to Gilbert. It's been pushed back a couple of times because the couple who own the house are buying a second home and their closing date keeps getting changed. So... we're crossing our fingers!

Rich and I are traveling to New Jersey in a couple of weeks for his first business trip with First Solar. He just started on Monday and I guess it's really intense... but I'm sure he'll gain a lot from this experience. :)