Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple Pie, Cousins and Weddings- Oh My!

This is part two of our Utah-Idaho trip. After visiting Grandma Arlene in Idaho, we came home with two boxes brimming with fresh orchard apples. Uncle Ross decided to show the kiddies how to make fresh apple pie from scratch! What an awesome Uncle. And an awesome cook!

...kiddies adding more flour to the sticky rolling pin.

Flour hands!

Dom and his Ali... they like each other. Mmmmmm!
Next, we went to visit Auntie Kara. Addie brought a pumpkin home from school and gave it to Dom. Aunt Kara got out the paints and the kiddies went to town. :)

This is Kara's Jett. Isn't he the most beautiful baby you've seen!? I love his hair. Jett and Dame are only a few weeks apart. Hopefully they'll be buds (albeit long-distance ones) for life, just like their mommies.
Me and Kara
After the littles napped, we hitched up the wagon...

...revved up the four-wheeler...
...and mounted bicycles...

...and rode down to feed the horses carrots!

Then the kiddies went on a "bug hunt".

Addie introduced Dom to the fascinating world of "Rolly-polys".
Dominic loves Addie.
And he loves Addie's pink corvette Barbie car. Don't doubt the speed of a child's toy. I couldn't even catch him as he Evel Knievel'd it off a little embankment in Kara's backyard and into the playground. Little stinker. You should've seen the look in his eyes. Pure, thrilling, naughtiness.
Thanks Miss Addie for allowing Dom the joy-ride. And thanks Auntie Kara, for such a wonderful fun-filled day!!!
OK... now for the REASON we made the trip...


...uh, i mean, the wedding!

But seriously!? Let's just talk about bowties for a second.

Actually, there are no words. These picture actually hurt me.

Here's Me and Rich and "Belly" while we waited for Amy and Jake to come out of the temple after the ceremony. I'm 9 weeks here? Maybe 10? I forget.

Salt Lake Temple. Same temple Rich and I got married in.

And here are the new Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sasser! (Or Sasser-frass... as I call them.)

Rich's sisters are all gorgeous... and Mimi is no exception. Beautiful.

The reception was so pretty! It was held at a little place called Wadley Farms.

Amy's decor was shabby chic/vintage. It fit her perfectly.

The crepe bar was one of the highlights of my night. Oh my! If I hadn't been chasing after Stinkweeds, I may have cleaned out the entire inventory. That's how delicious they were.

Thankfully, there were plenty of windy sidewalks for the littles to run around on outside.

More bowtie pictures... I just can't help myself.

Look at this amazing cake.

All the excited girls, vying for the boquet. Amy threw it down from the balcony.

Mimi and her sweet dad (I guess he's my sweet dad too).

The Mr. and Mrs.
When Amy and Jake left, everyone lined the walkway and let off balloons. And then Damon cried all the way home because Dominic stole his balloon and released it into the sky.

We left early the next morning, and made it through another loooooong car drive home. We had such a great time breathing in the cold, crisp fall air (did you know that cold actually has a smell? I really think it does) and seeing all our friends and family. I keep begging everyone to move to AZ... but if they really did, well we would reeeaaally miss our trips to Utah.

Thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us, put up with our sleep deprived kids, played with us, and loved on us while we were there! Congratulations Amy and Jake!