Monday, June 9, 2008

Dumb question...

Hey everyone! I love reading your comments, and I really want to reply back except... I am a renard and don't know how to do it. Someone help a girl out! ;) Thanks!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dominic's Surprise!

So... this morning I was playing with Dom in his nursery and we were having a little tummy-time fun with the rattle. He was propping himself up pretty well today and when I place a rattle close to him, he reached out a little for it and so I grabbed the camcorder in hopes that I could catch him doing it again. Watch what the little squirt did! I was so excited that I caught it on camera! He is getting so big. I am amazed that I can feel soooo delighted in the new things that he does. You'll have to excuse my overreaction though. But in all fairness... I am his mother, after all. And I am amused by everything that has to do with him... even his poop! Well... maybe not that, but still, ignore the ooh's and ahh's on my part. I'm just a proud mommy. :) I guess that's what motherhood is all about. Rich is sad he missed it. He's getting home tonight. But at least he can watch it. :) Yay for Dominic!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Home and Sleepless Nights

So, we are all settled in our new home on the East side of Phoenix in Gilbert. We couldn't be happier with the house, our immediate neighbors, the lovely little community we live in, and the fantastic ward we have been blessed with! I've posted some pictures of Dominic's new nursery (because it's the most exciting part of our house) and of our little neighborhood. It's such a cute community! Everyone has kids and everyone has been sooooo friendly! Rich and I go on a walk every night with Dom and we usually talk to tons of other families with strollers in tow who are also out enjoying the night. We are within 2 min. walking distance of the community's little diner, Jo's Farm Grill. It was on the Food Network and has been said to be one of the greatest eats in town. We've had a milkshake and a sundae there, but no food yet. Also, in the same spot is a little coffee shop with killer sandwiches (so we hear) and a farmer's market that is open every Saturday. The food sold there is straight from the Agritopia Farm. Agritopia is the name of our community. The pool and workout room and putting greens are also 2 minutes walking distance from our home.

Now lets talk about our amazing ward. Poor Rich couldn't go with me on our first Sunday because he had to fly to New Jersey for work. I was going to go with him, but we decided against it at the last minute. So... me and Dom braved the new ward by ourselves on Sunday. I met some of the most amazing women in the Mother's Lounge, (where I spent ALL of Sunday School) the bishop and counselors made sure to make me feel welcome, a seat was saved for me in Relief Society, and when I left, my carseat was carried out to the car for me, my car was started and air conditioner turned on for me while I buckled Dom in, and I had a handfull of phone numbers from my now-friends. Isn't the church wonderful! I was feeling a little down because of Rich having to leave, and this was just what I needed! I was also invited to dinner later on that night but I had to decline because I had made plans to go BACK to the West side and stay for a few days with my girlfriend, Britany, so I wouldn't have to be alone with Dom for the entire week. Because I'm weak like that. ;)

So...on to the sleepless nights. Ever since we moved, Dom has been waking up 5 or 6 times a night. Sheesh! I am sooooo stinkin' tired. And so is he... which means he hasn't been very happy. Poor baby. Anyway, on my second night at Britany's, we decided to have him sleep in her papasan swing and, HALLELUJIA! He went to sleep at 7:30, woke up at 1:00 and then not again until 5 or 6 or something like that. I was so stoked from having a good night's sleep that me and Britany went straight to Children's Orchard that morning and bought the same swing. So... last night, i came back home, set up the swing, and was soooooo looking forward to a peaceful night's rest. Well.... he went down at 7:30, up at 8, down at 8:30, up at 10, then up at 1, then 2:30, then 4:45, then 6, and finally 8:00. So... now we're $80.00 poorer and still don't have a sleeping baby. I'm hoping that all this sleeplessness is from moving and that he'll get used to the new place soon. Until then... I'm going to be a whiney mess. ;) Ahhh, motherhood... I really didn't see this coming!