Saturday, November 3, 2012


  I walked downstairs to the basement the other day to find this...
 ...every pillow off of both couches and stolen from every bed. 
(In retrospect, that new sectional with the removeable couch cushions??? Not so smart.) 
And then, something whizzed past my peripheral... a bird? a plane???  Boys.
Flying ones.


And maybe I shouldn't have encouraged their furniture-scaling-behavior... jumping/flipping off the TV console probably isn't safe (for bodies or TVs!) but I took a deep breath, shook off my obsession to keep the couch cushions "on the flippin' couch!", grabbed my camera, and embraced their childhood.

When they are not using the cushions as a landing pad, they are for sure using them to construct forts. Using the couch and the ottoman, you can make some pretty cool tunnels and an awesome hideaway. 
 They build a fort pretty much every day. 
Sometimes twice a day, if their mam happens to put the cushions back on the flippin' couch.
And, while I'm writing about the little things they love to do every day... I may as well add this...

...spraybottles.  The best $2.00 I've ever spent, and I am serious.  These guys LOVE to take them outside and "clean things" or "help the plants grow".  They spray the entire contents of the back yard and could be out there for an hour or more... coming in only once or twice to fill up.  So... why is my clean laundry still laying on the laundry room floor?  I'm blaming Drewberry. (But you probably know better.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cops and Robbers... aaaand Elephants.

Officer Innes and Jail Bird Dom...

That's Dom's "scary prisoner face".

Drew wore Damon's hand-me-down... sweetest little elephant Drewberry you ever saw...

He was so bewildered by the night's events.  Why does Damon have a moustache?  Why does Dominic have stubble? 

Why is Aunt Rachel a banana?  So confusing.
Some blurry trick-or-treat action...

This year, we did better than last.  There were only a couple of tantrums (on Dominic's part).  And the boys didn't try and eat each piece of candy given them before moving on to the next house. 

I love that Dominic told everyone he was arrested for speeding.
I love that Damon wished every house a "Happy Twick-or-Tweet" instead of a "Happy Halloween!"

After a couple streets, their pumpkins were filled to the brim and they were happy as clams... and tired.  At least Damon was.
 H conked out after 1 1/2 streets... such a tired policeman.
Dominic stayed up late... counting his candy and eating his weight in treats.
Drew relaxed on the couch as he watched Dom down about 2 lbs of sugar... seriously stoked to have that elephant get-up off his sweaty little body.

Hope your Halloween was happy!