Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preschool Christmas Program

Today we went to Dom's preschool for their Christmas Program and Party.
Dominic and some of his classmates before their performance...

Here they all are, singing (or not) Christmas songs and ringing bells...
Top Row: Ricky, Dominic, Raquel, and Tyler
Bottom Row: Luke, Lizzy, Soloman, and Gracie
Hiss little class, singing "Must be Santa"...
Last year the program was in the library and it was combined with all the other preschool classes. As soon as they started singing, all the parents stood up and started taking pictures with their flashes on. Dominic freaked. He started bawling. Miss Julie had to carry him offstage. Haha! He held his composure this year. They just performed with their own class in their own room. Dom just stood there, stone-faced, still as a statue... but he didn't break down. Hooray! He is growing up. ;)
A congratulatory hug from Daddy after the performance...
Cookies and Punch...
Miss Julie (Dom's teacher), Dominic, and Miss Kim (Dom's Aide)
Typical Family Picture...
And a video for your viewing pleasure...
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside

Seriously, so cold for Arizona! I am looooving it! Except for the part where Rich insists on the ceiling fan still at night and he keeps turning the heat down. Geez! But the weather outside lately sure makes it seem a little bit more like the holidays around here. (Just think rain instead of snow.)
Here's wishing you happy holidays, delightful decorations, perfect parties, heavenly hot chocolate, crying-through Christmas stories, driving through dazzling-lighted neighborhoods, fun with family, and a very, very Merry Christmas!

A Belated Thanksgiving Post...

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Guess who is another year older? (plus a few weeks... I'm always behind.)

This little man.
We went to the boys favorite birthday place for the 2nd time this year. I feel a bit like a slacker because I planned absolutely nothing... but Damon was in heaven all the same and that's what matters.Dominic refuses to ride the carosel horses... just loves the bench.
The ferris wheel is always a favorite...
This picture makes me laugh out loud.
One happy little guy.
And the best ride of all... the train.
Dame is so excited right here... he's saying "Ta-dah!"
We took a little cruise on the coin operated equipment before we headed out...
Damon had a Thomas the Train cake, just like Dominic. These boys and their trains...

Here's the birthday boy... I love this picture. He's so thrilled about his cake. Cake is his favorite thing...ever.
Please excuse the dirty face... we just finished dinner.

Damon's attempt to blow out his candles. He tried so hard and didn't even make them flicker!So Daddy helped...He's saying "Cheese" but he looks a little annoyed that I interrupted his cake-fest.
This boy can do some serious damage to a birthday cake.
Last, it was time for presents!
...Dom helped out a bit too.
Damon got a count-n-learn cookie jar, a vacuum, a firetruck (thanks Nana and Bumpa), a book and a cute puzzle book (thanks Mamie and Papa), and a brand new slide!!!
He loves it.
The only problem is, it sits in the playroom right between their bedrooms... we're having a rough time at night trying to pry them off it to get into bed!
Happy, Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! I can't believe you are 2!