Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Cousins!

Drew experienced an airplane for the first time last week!  He was a perfect little angel.  Even though on both flights, my connecting flight I had to sit in between two men... not so easy to nurse a wiggly 7 month old (who has always refused to nurse under a cover) when you are wedged between two uncomfortable members of the opposite sex.  But we all survived.  :)
On our first flight, this sweet lady (you can see her shirt is all) and her daughter doted over Drewsie the whole way.  He barely sat on my lap at all!
Once we landed and arrived in Madisonville, Drew went straight from my arms to hers.  What a sweet little "mama" she is.  We love this Ella girl!

Drewser and William... quality time on the lovesack (watching Little Einsteins).
Drew's hair took about 10 seconds to turn into a wavy Donald Trump 'do in that Louisiana humidity.  :)

So glad these two are so close in age! 
What fun (and trouble) they are sure to have when they get older.

Drew was surely spoiled from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.  How lucky for him to not have to share his cousins with anyone!  (Only me and Drewsie took this quick trip.  Dominic and Damon stayed with Daddy and our amazing neighbor/pseudo-grandma, Mia.) 

Oh how I love these little Angels!  Can't you just see the sugarplums dancing?

While I was there, my sweet sis and I took the kiddies to the Rennaisance Festival.  So.much.fun.  That's a post for tomorrow.  :)  Hope you are having a very merry one!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cousins Part 1...

Highlights of some of our time spent with some of our favorite people...

Dame, Iza, Ali, and Dom

Drew loves Uncle Ross

All of us piled into our van... heading to the children's museum in Phoenix!

Lunch at the museum...

Angela and I snuck out for a girl's night and made the guys put the kiddos to bed. 
We were thrilled...

On their last night here... we all headed to the Mesa Temple to enjoy
the Nativity and the temple lights!


We sure love that family of ours!  Hope you are having a Happy Christmas season and remembering what it's all about!  It's easy to get lost in the rush and preparation... I know I do.  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And I was Thankful.

...that I have such an amazing (and good looking) husband.
...and that he finally learned how to carve a turkey this year.  ;)  (Thanks Ross!)

...for this little sack of sugar.  Sooooo sweet. 

 For a super-sweet sister-in-law who helped me whip up a Thanksgiving feast...

...for fun turkey headbands that made us all feel like kids again.
 ...for delicious Thanksgiving food, 'nuf said.

 ...for 10 1/2 wonderful years with a truly amazing, selfless man.
 ...for this sweet, unique little man, who keeps me on my toes, teaches me patience and humility, and gives me a new way of seeing everything.
 ...for this tender-hearted little guy, who speaks with a Boston accent, says the most endearing things, and who expresses his thankfulness to me for every little thing every single day.
...and for this beautiful new addition to our family, who is so patient with all of us, who smells so wonderfully sweet, who feels so squishy and warm, and who can melt away all my worries with one open-mouthed smile.

...for loving family who drive endless hours with small children to share the holidays with us! 
 (And who act like it's no big deal when they wake up the morning after they arrive to my eldest puking his little guts out.)

...for a new Innes Family Tradition:  the Thankful Tree


...for an adorable 4-year-old who has just begun to "write".  Oh how I love his "thankfuls"!

(Baby Drew)

(play with friends)
(Superman and the Giant)
 - the game Rich and the boys play every night when Daddy gets home.  They are the supermen, Daddy is the giant... complete with Fee-Fie-Foe-Fums, squealing with delight, running for your life, hiding, and the blood of an Englishman.)

 (air conditioning vent)
Ah yes... musn't forget that one.  No, he's not thinking about the hot Arizonan summers, he's in love with the sound of the engine coming from behind the vent cover.  Love that boy.

I was thankful that I had enough food to not only feed me... but to give me a nice little food baby for a few hours afterward.  That was pleasant.  Really, it was.
We were all pretty useless for a couple of hours after the turkey...

...and then we got up off our (5 lbs. heavier) bums and were so, so thankful for the beautiful Arizona weather in November, which allowed us to spend the remainder of the evening scootering/riding bikes in the culdesac...

For all of that and so, so much more... I am so thankful.  :)