Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We Heart Snow!

The morning after we arrived in Utah, our boys woke up to a super-exciting phenomenon happening outside...  I swear, they were more excited than they were on Christmas morning seeing all their presents!  No really... they were seriously more excited than on Christmas morning.

 How lucky are we that (cousins) Ana and Donny are living with Nana and Bumpa right now and that they so conveniently had snow bibs and boots just hanging there in the closet... begging to be used!
These kiddoes were beside themselves.

It's the first time that they remember seeing snow.  You know, that stuff we don't get here in Arizona?

They ate it, caught it on their tongues, made snow angels, had snowball fights, shoveled it, made tracks... their excitement didn't waver.  They could've stayed out in that fluffy snow all day long.

Rich and I (begrudgingly, at first... although we had a lot of fun once we were out there) even borrowed snow clothes from Amber and Matt and headed on out to join in on the fun...
And to fulfill a heartfelt request on behalf of this little boy... a snowman.
(The "biggest, best snowman," to be exact.)
The excitement even caught up to Bumpa, who just couldn't resist the urge to throw himself on the ground and make snow angels!  We love that Bumpa.

The boys and we worked long and tirelessly on those snowmen, while Daddy delivered shovel full after shovel full of fresh snow for building...

Mission Completion!  Dreams really do come true.  ;) 

Utah is now and forevermore burned into Dominic's memory as the place with snow.  He is obsessed with Utah.  He had anxiety all week about when we were going to have to leave back to Arizona and leave the snow.  He said he never wanted to go home, ever again.  He said Arizona is not fun.  He begged to live at Nana's house.  He shed tears.  For real.  The kid loves snow.
And so, the day before we had to go home, he guilt-tripped Aunt Mimi and Uncle Jake into helping him build an "igloo" in the back yard. 
Another dream come true.  :)

Damon-Guy lasted a few minutes...until his gloves were soaked and then he was done.

Uncle Jake, cheater-pants-constructing the "igloo"... not very eskimo-ish if you ask me.

After an hour or so of enjoying the peace that comes when someone else is entertaining your kids... I came back outside to find this...
   ...three tuckered-out igloo-makers, fast asleep in their creation!  Whew!  Building an igloo really is hard work...even if you cheat.  ;)

Then they decided to wake up briefly for a picture...

Thanks Aunt Mimi and Uncle Jake... we sure do love you!
And you KNOW we love SNOW!
Ummm...except when it means driving in this
And that's why we love Arizona. 
Rich and I, that is. 
Dominic left his heart in Utah.