Friday, April 3, 2009


So I'm very excited because I think I'm an official "homemaker". Ha! A couple of weeks ago, some ladies in my ward and I got together to make yummy homemade BREAD. Mmmmm! It was so much fun! And we made it from scratch... we even ground the wheat into flour. Yeah... pretty impressive, eh?

Here is our beautiful and sweet host, and bread-maker extraordinare... Kathy.

We attended a short 15 minute breadmaking class that she gave during a stake enrichment meeting, and after tasting her delightful yummyness, we decided she needed to give us some one-on-one. This is seriously yummy bread. So... our friend Kristen decided to give her a call and ask her if we could come and treat ourselves to a bread-making DAY!

Thank you so much, Kathy, for letting us come into your home and for teaching us all how to be bakers!

Here is our Red Winter Wheat that is ready to be ground into flour.

Me and my friend, Rachel... getting ready to grind.

Us... grinding wheat.

Vanessa, grinding wheat.

Kristen, grinding. :)

Now it's time for mixing. Kathy has a bosch... *sigh*... some day.

After that, we separated the dough into loaves, put it in pans, and let it rise.

Here's Donna, taking a break while we wait for the bread to bake.

Here's Dominic... spazzing and mischieviously playing in the mud while we're too busy baking to notice. He had fun.

When it was finished, we ended the afternoon with a yummy lunch: pasta salads, green salads, warm, fresh homemade bread, and sparkling cider!

Our idea is to do this every month... rotating houses. That way, we'll use our food storage a bit and we won't forget how to do it... AND we'll have delicious bread to eat always!