Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our costumes weren't all that original this year, but the kiddoes still looked so cute I barely managed to not hug their heads off... (now, that's a scary Halloween-ish thought).

We had an elephant...

And a ninja...

...a color blind ninja who thought some forest-green socks would give his black and blue costume some flair... or at least one whose parents were too lame to go and buy some black socks or shoes to match (let's pretend it was the first scenario).

Here they are, a frightful pair:

Ninjawithacombover and the Headless Elephant... scary.

Dominic sat in the stroller for the first couple of minutes. After that, he couldn't contain himself. The rest of the night his little legs ran at mach speed from door to door, where he'd knock excitedly, continually spaz out until the door opened and then walk right on in with a "Tittuh-teeeet!" and usually a "Whooooam, mum!" or a "Some? Some!? SOME!?" after the deposit.

So overcome with joy at the sight of an entire bowl of deliciousness sitting there unguarded was he, that he was moved to "Spazdom".

(Legs locked, fingers spread, body shaking... in case you were wondering.)

Damon, after a long flight home from our trip to Idaho, which I'll post about later, (and after a long fight with an elephant head...which he won, sadly) pooped out after about 30 minutes and Rich stayed home with him while he slept (thanks babe!) so that Dom and I could hit the streets for another hour or so. My husband is so sweet.

On a side note: Rich wants to throw out all Dom's candy.

Oh my gosh, what!?

(Did I just say my husband was sweet?)

Yeah right. Dominic will be lucky to see his delicious-candy-brimmed-pumpkin ever again. Not because I agreed to throw it away, but because it's currently being "stored" in my closet... where I have a pick-me-up 2 or 3 or... ok let's be honest... 5 or 6 times a day. (Don't worry, I'll share it with Dom... maybe.)

Here's a couple of videos of the Ninja in action... kind of didn't really catch the excitement of the night, but here they are anyway...