Thursday, December 11, 2008


Ok... I realize that this is about the Zillionth post I've written this month. So, if you're sick of us, you don't have to read. If you can't stand to read another post where I GUSH about my child... don't read this one. I'm so happy today because Dominic CRAWLED for the first time ever! I have been getting a little worried... trying not to... but worrying still (especially because his pediatrician asked me if I wanted a PT to come out to the house) that he hasn't reached this signifigant milestone yet. But... shortly after that office visit, he started creeping... and then today, he crossed the width of the hallway from the bathroom to the opposite wall in pursuit of the outlet (of course) with his belly up and off the floor!!!! Woohoo!!! Way to go baby boy!

So, being the obsessed fool that I am (I'd like to take this moment to apologize in advance to our 2nd child... who has NO hope, whatsoever, of having as many pictures and videos of themself as Dominic does. But that's pretty typical, right? Anyway... sorry ghost baby of the future... I still love you.) I whipped out my camcorder and tried for all I was worth to get him to perform his new trick. All I got out of him was this...

...not quite what I was going for. But kinda entertaining, nonetheless... if you're me.

"What?" you say. You want to know what else is going on in our life? Wow... I knew we were interesting. Well... Dominic also got his top right tooth on Saturday. He doesn't like his binki much now... it hurts. But he still uses it at night. I'm sure gonna miss his toothless grin, it was so cutie-pa-tootie. *sniff, sniff.* He likes to feed himself (which is messy) and give himself drinks (which is messy) and if we try to help him when he's really in a "I want to feed myself" mood, he throws a tantrum and cries like he's hurt himself or something. So dramatic. He's just discovered the stairs, and always drags himself in their direction whenever I put him down... so I guess it's time for a gate. His favorite pass time is walking (while I hold his hands and get aches in my back) all over the house and outside. He also likes playing the piano and wrestling with me when I change his poopy diapers. Life is messy right now. I tell him "NO." very firmly... and he laughs at me. *Sigh* I get no respect.

We went to see Santa at our Ward Christmas Party last weekend and Dominic sat happily (well... unamused) on his lap while I took his picture. I'm actually kinda bummed that he didn't freak out... because that would have made funny pictures. ;)

Yesterday, Dominic got the stomach flu. The first time he threw up, it was on the hardwood floor downstairs. "Whew!" The second time, it was over my shoulder right before I put him into the car... and it went right into my diaper bag. Successfully plastering my keys, planner, his photo book, 3 of his books, his diapers, his stuffed frog, and everything else in the big compartment. I cried a little bit. The third time was in his swing... nice. And the fourth time, he had compassion on me and heaved onto the kitchen tile. I was just talking to Rich about how the doctor said he'd get sick 6-10 times in his first year and how he's NEVER gotten sick since he was just a few weeks old. Pushed my luck. He's had the stomach flu twice in the past 2 weeks. Ugh.

Today, while I was gingerly applying butt paste to Dominic's bottom, he decided to pee into his mouth. I freaked out, which scared him and stopped the "stream". He then looked at me with a funny/disgusted look on his face, and then... he swallowed. Aggghhhh! Poor baby. After that, he decided to finish peeing. He showered his entire face, his mouth again, his hair, and me. If I wouldn't have been so flabbergasted and frantic I might have handled the situation better, and prevented the 2nd onslaught. But all I could seem to do was stand there and yell. You think by this time, I'd be a pro at this... this is not the first time that Dom has peed in his mouth. It's, like, the 4th or 5th. I'm such a good mom.

Anyhoo... here is a slide show of Dominic being cute.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Family Pictures!

So... with the help of some great friends, (Thanks Rachel and Nathaniel!) Rich and Dominic and I headed off to the park this weekend and took some family pictures. I played around with them a little bit and here are my favorites! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!

We have a G.I. Joe! Dominic started creeping about a month ago and now he's getting pretty good! So now begins the "No-no" phase of our lives. :) He loves outlets, the Christmas tree, and door stops... particularly the white caps on the ends... they're a tasty treat.

Monday, December 1, 2008

So Much To Be Thankful For

We hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter and yummy turkey! (Mmmm... and I hope you are all enjoying leftover turkey sandwiches... with extra mayo and lots of mustard!) We had so much fun this year! Our wonderful friends, Brent and Angela Earl, drove all the way down here from Utah this year just to spend Thanksgiving with us!

We love you guys!!! We all drove out to Surprise and were able to spend Thanksgiving with the greatest families ever. Jen and Thayne, thank you so much for hosting this year. Umm... and last year... and the year before that... well, thanks for always hosting! You guys are awesome!

We had Jennifer and Thayne and their kids, both of Thayne's brothers, Darin and Neil, their wives, Donae and Heather, and their kids, Hollie and Jarin and their kids, Brent and Angela, and Rich, Dominic, and me! It was so nice! I love big family get-togethers.

We ate the yummiest Thanksgiving feast ever. Then we talked, laughed, jumped on the trampoline, went crazy with all the Black Friday adds, watched a movie, played Speed Scrabble (which Jen is waaay to good at.... I finished nicely in last place) and just enjoyed each other's company.

Of course I was excited because it was Dominic's first Thanksgiving. And his pediatrician just told me that I can start feeding him meats and basically anything except for nuts, eggs, and straight milk. So we had fun! He ate turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and pumpkin pie! He finished off his whole plate! What a lucky duck that his first time eating "grown-up" food just happened to be on Thanksgiving Day!

I have so many things to be thankful for this year! What a wonderful immediate and extended family we have. And what a wonderful husband I have. He is so perfect for me. Dominic is such a blessing in our home. We have amazing friends. Rich has a great job, I love being a mommy, we live in a beautiful community, we're healthy, we have an awesome ward, and we have the gospel in our lives. We are so blessed.

Our Family

Donae and Bailey

Neil and Aaron

Jarin and Darren

Hollie and Sienna

Rich, Angela, Brent, Thayne, Jennifer, Heather

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