Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Stockings had Lindor Chocolate this year!  Santa knows just what I like.  :)
The boys got walkie-talkies in their stockings... along with dinosaurs, coloring books, and cologne.  Cologne!?  Yes.  Now they can stop stealing Daddy's. :)  Such big boys they are becoming.  Sheesh!
Dominic's favorites:  Dominoes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates bath toys, Matchbox service station, police station, and carwash.
I love his "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!" face...
...those are jeans in there.  Yes... he was super excited about jeans. 
Damon Guy's favorites:  Thomas the Train Logging Set, Busy Town Playset, a new backpack for school.  He doesn't go to school.  So what?
Dom and Dame had fun "helping" Drew open up his presents...
Drew's favorites?  I think he like the pink pig he got from Dominic.
Or maybe the mini-train set Damon picked out for him.  He also got a new teddy bear and a light up turtle that plays music... aaaaaand a new bath seat so he can bathe with the big boys.  So cool.
Rich got new clothes, cologne, a massage gift certificate (for all that stress he's been under at work!), and some framed pictures of the boys and some decor for his bare office at work. 
Now that I wrote it all down... it sounds so... boring. 
And me?  Well... I got spoiled.  Not only did I get a new Bosche... but I also got a new camera.  Like, a legit one.  I've been dreaming about one of these little babies ever since Dominic was a wee born.  Sooo freaking awesome.  :)  Please excuse Rich's finger over the flash... he can pick out an awesome camera, but actually taking a picture usually presents a problem.  ;)  Love you, hon! 
And that, folks, is it.  Merry Christmas! ...a month ago. (sheepish grin)

Night Before

The Elves came... right on schedule, Christmas Eve, to deliver Christmas pajamas...
And we tried for a picture in front of the tree..
...oh how we tried!
...and then we decided group pictures were for the birds.
Drewsie played with the decor...
...while Dominic and Damon finished wrapping their gifts for their sibling gift exchange.  (I love how he spells "Drew"!) 
This was our first year of doing a sibling gift exchange with the boys. Dominic and Damon were soooo excited to secretly pick out and wrap their gifts for each other and for Drew. For the first time in his little life, Dominic experienced the spirit of giving. You should've seen him, labeling gifts for Damon and Drew... giddy with excitement. Paranoid that they were going to open my bedroom door and see their present. I love it. :)
Finished presents were piled under the tree...
The Night Before Christmas was read, followed by the Christmas Story...
These little men made cookies for a special someone...
(Thanks for the cookie plate, Mamie!)
And at some point, in the middle of the night,
that special someone left a bunch of presents under our tree.  :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Preschool and Polar Express Parties

Dom had a Polar Express party in preschool before school let out for the holidays... we both bought new pajamas for the event. :)
Miss Jen's classroom had stations for treat making!  We made cookies, Christmastrees, and dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and adorned them with M&Ms... obviously, Dominic enjoyed himself.
This is Dominic's favorite friend at school... Mr. Mazden.  They ride the bus together too.
Miss Fallyn, Mr. Dominic, and Miss Ella...
Dom and Miss Jen...
...showing me his favorite Christmas book.
And... just had to share these.  Obviously I had to write Damon's for him.  The things he thinks of... he's a pretty funny kid.  :)
"Dear Santa, I want a new car and a pink Christmas tree!  That will be a girl (but he says it like "grill") Christmas tree!!  (laughs)  Um... a new schoolbus!  A pink one.  And a new toilet!!  'Cause what broke the toilet, Mom?  My toys did. (with a mischevious smile on his face).  Please get me a new Thomas the Train set.  I love you.  You are my favorite.  Love, Damon Guy"
And Dom's invented spelling just melts my heart into a big pile of mush!  Love it.
"Dear Santa, I love you.  Bring dominoes for Christmas, please.  Love, Dominic"
He reeeeally wanted dominoes this year.  That's all he asked for.  He's been watching youtube videos of massive and elaborate domino displays being knocked down.  I think he may have been a bit dissappointed when we constructed and knocked down his much smaller version with the dominoes Santa did, indeed, bring.  But he still plays with them.  :)
I can't believe I'm blogging about pre-Christmas stuff and it's 3/4 of the way through January!  Blogger has had some issues with uploading pictures... but I just discovered a way around it, thanks to Google.  I love Google.  :)  Anyway... Christmas pictures to come!