Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Month New!

Our sweet little guy is already one month!

Where have the days gone? Time has seriously flown by and I am left bewildered at it all. Damon is so sweet and he still seems to be pretty laid back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. He is such a joy.

Dominic is doing a little better with him. He doesn't scream while I nurse so much any more... and we've finally mastered the art of storytime while I feed the baby. Dominic sits or stands by me and turns the pages while I read. Whew! It took a lot of tears for him to figure that one out... but he's doing better every day. He doesn't pay Damon any attention. As far as he's concerned, Damon is a non-entity. Which is fine... his way of coping I guess.

Anyway... here's what little Damon is like these days:

  • He cooes when I talk to him

  • He sleeps all the time still... and even manages to STAY asleep through Dominic's shrill screams

  • He has fussy periods but is really pretty easy... so far

  • Sometimes he will even give us a 5 or 6 hour stretch at night!!! But he goes to sleep at 8 or 9 and that means he's up at 2 or 3... and then he's pretty much up every hour after that.

  • I think he already weighs about 10 lbs. (He's a big eater.)

  • He loves the bath, but hates getting out

  • He loves to be swaddled

  • He still has crazy hair and I'm thinking it's about time to cut off his little mullet

  • He pukes through 3-4 outfits a day, and I don't know why I even dress him cute because he's always covered with 2 burpcloths... all the way down to his toes because his spews are rather... well, very spewish

And here he is...